June 20

Apples On A Stick Hand Game

Hello everyone! A few days ago I learned a new hand game, with Paige from Paige’s Blog Of Writing. Here is the song:

Apples on a stick, they make me sick, they make my heart go 2-4-6.                                                                      Not because their dirty, not because their clean, not because they kissed a girl behind a magazine.             So come on girls lets have some fun, here comes Sally with a big fat bum.                                                           She can do the wibble-wobble she can do the splits, but I bet you five bucks she can’t do this.                        Close your eyes and count to ten, if we mess up we’ll do it again. (do the hand game process once)

That’s all! I may add a video later of the movements as well! By the way if you have a different version, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. THANKS! BYE Y’ALL!

Number of Hand Game Processes In Full Game: 6 in total!! I counted!!

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